Spray Tan

Now you can be the star at any event!


When you book your Personal Spray Tan appointment there are a couple of things to keep in mind. You are being sprayed by an individual in your own personalized session. We offer various color levels to match your skin tone so you have the most natural looking tan without the orange!


First and foremost, plan your Spray Tan such that the event for which you want your tan is in the first 3-5 days of your Spray Tan application. This gives you optimal colour to attend your party, wedding, or vacation. You will also need a minimum of 8 hours before showering or adding moisture of any kind to your skin, so keep this in mind when planning your Tan if you choose our Original formula.


Our Speedy Tan on the other hand, is showered off in 2-6 Hours depending on the depth of colour you wish to achieve.


Next, it is important to exfoliate your skin before your Spray Tan to remove dry, flaky skin that will prevent the absorption of DHA bronzers into fresh healthy skin cells. This allows for the spray to absorb deeply into the skin and oxidize to a “just off the beach colour”. Note: Avoid using harsh bar soaps or high PH shower products. These products can halt the DHA bronzing reaction or cause the ‘orange effect’. A pH balance skin care regime is best, including a shower gel and a daily tan extender for moisturization.


STOP! Do Not Apply Lotion, moisturizers, deodorants or perfumes before your Spray Tan session, fresh clean exfoliated skin is what we need for the best tan possible.


Wearing a small bottom i.e. G-string, thong or bikini bottoms are all appropriate. While being sprayed, just remember wherever we have fabric, we also have a tan line, so limit the garment size for certain. Tops are optional, and if you are wearing something strapless for your event, definitely a strapless bra or no top at all is best so as not to have tan lines!(DOESN’T STAIN YOUR CLOTHES…)


Bring some dark loose clothing for afterwards, this way you have nothing rubbing on your skin and aggravating your beautiful, bronzed, colour development!


We recommend using lip balm to protect your lips, Winkease for your eyes and nose filters, which are all available at our salon.


Please call for an appointment.

Email appointment requests may not be seen. To ensure you have a time reserved for your spray tan, please call 519-251-1733 and speak with one of our Team members.

Spray Tanning Prices and Packages

Spray Tanning Prices and Packages

The cost of a Personal Spray Tan at BrightSide is just $32.99 plus tax with packages of 4 for $120.00 plus tax & 10 for $279 plus tax.


All of our packages may be shared and are convenient for bridal parties or groups of any sort.


If you would like the Speedy Tan formulation, there is a $5 surcharge.

Spray Tan Tips:

  • fresh clean exfoliated skin prior to your Spray Tan
  • small bottom garment
  • top is optional
  • barrier cream on hands, and feet (provided with direction)
  • lip, eye, nose protection
  • (UV session for those who have appropriate skin type and wish to boost their colour)
  • Dark loose fitting clothing upon completion of spray tan
  • 6-8 hours before adding moisture including water and lotions
  • gentle cleansing with a pH balanced cleanser
  • moisturize, moisturize, moisturize with a pH balanced lotion
  • ENJOY!!


Note: After a Spray Tan application, a short UV Tanning session (without sweating) will accelerate and enhance your results if you choose.


Expect to have your first 3-5 days as your best days! Your Spray Tan can last for a week or so depending on how you are caring for it and the rate at which your skin exfoliates naturally.  Expect your face to fade first and do not worry, we have an excellent ‘tan in a can’ which can be utilized in the privacy of your own home for touch ups and faces!


Expect to moisturize on a daily basis at least, and not exfoliate; this is imperative for a long lasting Spray Tan.

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