Hours of operation:


Monday – Friday:




These hours are restricted at this time

Controlling the risk of transmission at BrightSide
under a RED directive: February 16/2021




First and foremost, let me assure you we take your safety and our team’s very seriously.  Things you may find have changed since your last visit to BrightSide in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


We want you to be relaxed when you come in, so knowing a few things ahead of time helps with that.


First come first served for any of our Tanning units at this time.


Spray Tans must have an appointment.


Spray Tan Appt’s will ONLY be taken via phone call, no text messages or social media messages please. Call 519-251-1733 ONLY


We ask that anyone who visits our premise is not experiencing symptoms of Covid 19, has not been out of the country in less than 14 days and if so, in either case kindly retreat home and self isolate.


There are screening questions posted on the exterior window, and at the front desk.  Please prescreen before entering the bldg.  If any of your answers are YES, you may NOT enter the premises.  Please return home and self isolate, contact your local health provider.


Our Team screening and temperature check is done before each shift, no Team member may work if unwell.

Masks are mandatory

Hand sanitization is mandatory upon entry

You will sign in as a contact tracing method after self screening

Maximum 5 persons on premise, including our Team


Our stringent cleaning procedures and checklists have been enhanced and modified to comply with and surpass gov’t and health standards


High Touch points are cleaned at regular intervals and signed off


Plexi glass is in place at the counter where products can be discussed, and your check-in takes place.

We will need to ensure your contact info is updated, please let us know if there need to be changes made


Social Distancing markers are throughout the premise, and there is no seating area in the lobby. If retail shopping, there are social distancing markers in place that we ask you to adhere to..


Hand sanitizing stations are located at the front entrance and in each hallway. We ask that you sanitize your hands upon entry to the premise, and again upon entry to your Tanning room.


Please leave footwear neatly outside of the room.


Your tanning room will take a bit longer to sanitize and clean and we are following through with our procedure twice, as such, we ask that you move along with lotion application and dressing. Clients may be waiting for the room and we may not be able to accommodate them…This may be you one day, so if we all work together it will be no trouble.


Washrooms are closed at this time unless absolute necessity.





Thanks so very much for your cooperation and loyalty. Let’s get back to what we do best and what we love to do 🙂


Hope to see you real soon!

Lori and The BrightSide Team 🙂

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